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I'm a self-professed adventure writer and former exercise junkie seeking a long-term relationship with my higher self, healthy workout habits, and a balanced, adventurous lifestyle in San Luis Obispo. Join me as I discover the healthy activities of SLO County, from land to sea.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Bishop's Peak

The wise contend that the journey is the reward. But I find the opposite is true for me whenever I hike Bishop's Peak in San Luis Obispo City. Don't get me wrong—I get the Chinese proverb for what it's worth—but honestly, whenever I hike the tallest of SLO County's "Nine Sisters,"  I find my reward waiting for me at the top. 

The stunning views of the city, the surrounding agricultural land and the mountains, coupled with a nice breeze after the slow, steady, winding path ends at the top, is the ultimate payoff for me. Sitting on one of the benches at the crown of this volcanic plug while sipping water and relishing the quiet that one finds at an elevation of 1,559 feet...brings a little Zen to my day. 

Some might argue that the elation I feel at the top of this 4-mile round-trip hike is all part of the journey, and depending on perspective, maybe it is. But regardless of how we label our experiences, I can't argue with the benefits of a good hike. Fresh air. Great exercise. Sound mind.

The journey.
The reward.

Monday, July 15, 2013


Sometimes we need to give ourselves a kick in the pants to get moving again. Signing up for Sunset Savor the Central Coast's inaugural race was just what I needed to goose my lazy legs into action. 

Whether or not you're familiar with Sunset's indulgent September eventwhere locals and tourists spoil themselves wicked with sips of Central Coast wines and tastes of culinary delights at the historic Santa Margarita Ranch, as well as splurge on special events and dinner tours around San Luis Obispo Countynew this year is the opportunity for runners and walkers to triumph in a 10K, 5K or fastest mile competition.

So in case you want to attend the festival and then burn off all that indulgent food and alcohol, as well as support the Cancer Well Fit Program, now you can! On Sunday, September 29, the race starts and ends at the Mission in downtown SLO. Afterward, participants can carbo-load by satiating their after-race appetite with a gourmet pancake breakfast. You can even purchase breakfast-only tickets for your friends and family who want to stand by and cheer you on. 

There's nothing like great wine, food, adventure and exercise....all rolled up into one!

Merlot grapes at St. Hilaire Vineyards in Templeton.